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Essentia gives users the best of both worlds.

The Essentia framework is made up of two elements: Essences and Synergies. The Essentia token sale Essentia will be holding a token sale for the ESS Token which will be as the main cryptocurrency in the framework. Essentia will also provide a user-friendly interface for users to interact with and manage their preferences. By design, the Essentia Framework is modular and highly customizable.

Buy Essentia ICO Whitelist

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With Essentia we build and offer a complete modular framework at the user’s fingertips.

That, in a nutshell, is the headline proposition of the Essentia proposition – a Single Seed which will streamline access to a broad range of services. [/wpsm_titlebox] [wpsm_titlebox title=”Social Links” style=”1″] [/wpsm_titlebox] Essentia is the decentralized framework to create, store and access your decentralised digital life. Introducing Essentia Essentia is a framework that aims to provide a full suite of solutions to users, service providers, and applications that want to connect to decentralized technologies. Want to integrate a cryptocurrency blockchain with the Essentia framework?

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The reputation system is optional, and there’s no obligation to use it to access decentralized services that are incorporated into the Essentia framework.

The Essentia framework, which also works as a decentralized Operating System, can be used indifferently by humans, machines, IoT devices and more. All of these makes Essentia one of the best platforms in terms of performance and reliability which shows the team’s dedication to the project. Essentia enables users to create their operating system with on-chain capabilities that can be accessible from all the devices. The token adds convenience, as it can also be used to pay for access to the many dApss that will be linked to Essentia.

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Essentia is a decentralized, modular framework, which gives you an opportunity to protect and store your private data, perform transactions using the Essentia wallet through different stock exchanges, etc.

High throughput allows Essentia to support millions of users simultaneously. The actions you perform while responsibly using the Essentia framework attest to your trustworthiness, which in turn enhances your reputation. The main user, or “Seed” as Essentia calls it, is the only one who has complete access to this personal data. Processes in Essentia are 100% transparent and users are given a full view of all components, operations, and processes regardless of their status.

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In Essentia, the management and storage of personal data such as IDs, accounts, logins, and so on are fully decentralized and can be accessed anywhere, anytime by users.

Essentia is the decentralized framework to create, store and access your digital life. The Essentia framework gives full and granular control to users and enables them to act anonymously, pseudo-anonymously or publicly. ESS will work as the fuel of the Essentia Framework. Essences empower web users to grant dApps access to the data they need and no more.

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A key aspect of the Essentia framework is the way it will benefit enterprise users.

Benefits of the Essentia framework The Essentia framework provides tons of benefits to its users of which all of it can be read in Essentia’s technical whitepaper. is Essentia’s native token and it is designed to perform a range of functions within the Essentia ecosystem. The Essentia framework expands to fit your growing decentralized life. Many of these individuals will participate in the Essentia token sale, and well over 10,000 have already joined the whitelist. Instead, only the owner can access their own data via cryptographic proofs although owners have the ability to grant full or partial access rights to other users.