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The first token buy-back program will begin six months after completion of the full sale and only initial contributors will be invited to participate.

Moonlite also aims to offer investors peace of mind about the legitimacy and security of its mining operations. Etherisc is a company registered in Germany that is issuing a token that will be known as DIP on the Ethereum blockchain. Down the line, though, token holders will be able to vote on financial, operations and human resources matters via the Security.Vote platform. After its upcoming ICO, the company plans to establish crypto-mining data centers in areas with low electricity costs and “clean and green” power plants. The model in Iceland — green and clean energy, reliable supply and low cost — is precisely what MoonLite plans to adopt for all of its future data centers.

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  • Bonus : 50% Bonus in the first 12 hours
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As stated in this document, only 30% of DIP tokens will be available to the public during the token sale.

MoonLite Project is an industrial scale cryptocurrency mining project, focusing mainly on all forms of bitcoin, dash, and litecoin. Instead, anyone can buy “tokenized risk” by holding the Etherisc token and earn returns on the risk they are taking. Every six months, holders will be able to sell their tokens back to Moonlite for the token’s market price plus 35% of Moonlite’s annual corporate profit. First, MoonLite intends to liquidate 60 percent of the proceeds at initial stages into fiat currency to cover operational costs and invest in specific traditional and blockchain related investment opportunities. These savings could potentially benefit both insurance buyers and token holders.

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All token sale details also need to be made available in one place, and the team should explain clearly their reasoning behind the token allocation model they have chosen.

Moonlite looks like it has a competent team, and the idea – giving everyday investors a way into mining cryptocurrency without destroying the planet – definitely seems worth pursuing. Once the smart contracts are approved, the team will then proceed to an initial pre-sale that will take place over February 2018, with the full sale beginning immediately after. This mining project will include high-tech and powerful computers to make mining process faster for different coins. There are many causes of these conflicts which can have catastrophic effects on the contributors, project, and business, but ultimately, the root cause is resource compartmentalization. The company is utilizing different types of emergent technologies and system that will play well in maximizing profits and efficiency of large-scale crypto mining.

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The income earned from this mining process will be split in the following manner:- The MoonLite is striving to become one of the largest cryptocurrency mining organizations across the world.

Ultimately, resource availability for a project is limited to a team which may not have the skills to meet project needs. Remittance: Let Moonlight handle your remittance needs to reduce the project overhead. The overall token allocation is presented as follows: The token price for early contributors will be $0.10 + up to 25% bonus with a high minimum investment of 10 ETH. Initially, Moonlite will focus on mining Bitcoin and Litecoin. If the team can execute on what it has promised, Moonlite is yet another crypto that (sorry) could be headed for the moon.

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The project’s internal tokenomics are governed by its token buy-back program, likely the most fascinating aspect for readers of the white-paper.

The MoonLite project is based on latest technology to make mining process more beneficial and efficient for large-scale crypto mining. What makes the MoonLite Project more secure than the average ICO opportunity is the extra layers of security that it offers. The Etherisc team appears to be fairly large with lots of experienced people from a variety of industries. Putting forward a straight-forward proposal, the South African team behind MoonLite are looking to implement a crypto-mining operation for the Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin cryptocurrencies. Project leads are listed on the website, each providing a LinkedIn profile at the very least, some also providing personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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Third, the MoonLite team plans to use the remaining 20 percent to buy new equipment and expand operations.

Added to this, the team will be seeking to redistribute profits towards an internally-managed crypto fund whose profits in turn will help to drive the buy-back program. However, Moonlite is currently in the first stage of its pre-sale, and is offering scaling token bonuses depending on contribution size and how early investors contribute. This document should also include essential information about the token and token sale, which is now largely missing. Amongst the advisors on the team, we have Simon Cocking who is also listed as an advisor on several other, concurrent token sales, including those of ClearPoll, Experty and Elpsis.